Circle DĀ Farm is a wholesale nursery grower located in Northern Idaho.

We grow cold hardy quality conifers including:

  • Engelmann Spruce
  • Norway Spruce – Cupressina
  • Weeping White Spruce
  • Subalpine Fir
  • Concolor Fir
  • Corkbark Fir
  • Douglas Fir
  • Colorado Blue Spruce
  • Bristlecone Pine
  • Ponderosa Pine
  • Lodgepole Pine
  • Mugo Pine
  • Austrian Pine
  • Limber Pine

We also grow a variety of grafted specialty conifers including Koster’s Weeping, Globosa, Procumbens, Fastigiats, and Colson Blue Select.

At Circle D Farm we provide individual tree selection for each customer. You may come and flag each tree or sample flag and have us match the product to meet your needs.